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Entry #34

Times are a changin'

2011-01-05 08:27:27 by GrumpyTom

Hello there people,

Got myself some interesting stuff coming up which is mainly around drinking profusely and working but that's as interesting as it gets (see pic for evidence). I will however be doing a SUPER SERIOUS ULTRA MEGA PROJECT with another cool dude who I wont name just yet... (ninja secretness)

watch this fat hairy space...

Times are a changin'


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2011-01-05 19:53:07

That doesnt look queer at all!

GrumpyTom responds:

Yep, just four guys having a good time. Four guys just getting the job done y'know? well sure maybe we do it a few times but that doesn't make us gay right?


2011-01-29 15:57:20

i love to drink
a lot of people love to drink see yah


2015-04-26 08:31:49